ebay is cheap 1 for esxi homelab

New serie: ebay is cheap !!

I can not buy any for tried.

Power supply and pcie are not standard for all motherboard,  one include adaptator. Not help for you sorry.

That is the good stuff on ebay:

Arima Quad CPU 16 core AMD Opteron motherboard

$59 + shipping


Arima AMD 16 cores server motherboard (4 x 4 cpu 4 cores )

——-> Power supply converter cable <——- good

Support 10 SATA II HDD

64Gb ram DDR2

See description

Only Supports Linux

See description

Another version of this motherboard 

Are not the same!

$52.99 + shipping


Xsigo Systems F-X430047 DDR Infiniband 24-Port Switch Dual Power Supply New

$199 + free shipping


Switch infiniBand DDR, no manual on the web, possible not working with standard nic.

Dell PowerEdge C6145 Server Quad Socket G34 AMD System Motherboard 40N24

My prefered motherboard, good price $99.99 + shipping

$_1 (1)

-4 AMD Opteron 6100/6200/6300 series processors

-32 x DDR3 mini 64GB, maxi 1024GB

-PCIe adaptator not includ

-power supply not inclued, and custome

I’m not trying all, and you?

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2 Responses to ebay is cheap 1 for esxi homelab

  1. I’ve been looking at these boards back in 2012 (I think around the same time you did originally). Always wondered if you could power them up. I guess you did in the end. How has the infiniband been going for you? I’d suggest you post in your native language. We need more homelab infiniband people and we can always use google translate.

    Bon chance en tout cas, jespere de lire plus dans lavenir.

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