Infiniband in the HomeLab

Update 10.22.13 : link OpenSM for ESXi 5.5


Just small post for all members, thank you.

-I posted at ” Infiniband Pour Vmotion, Ha, Vsa “
a thought, a desire, questions…

-At the same time Raphael Schitz, looking infiniband for nexenta and creat a VIB OpenSM for ESXi 5.1 ( not 5.5 at time ) and 5.5.

-Vladan post about it Homelab Storage Network Speedup with …. Infiniband, good explained with mellanox community link.

-and Erik Bussink deployed a lot of materials and times for the infiniband at home InfiniBand in the lab… Switchs, QDR cards…

And finaly vBrownbag TechTalk “InfiniBand in the Lab” presentation.

Forgotten technology, awake by our homelab.


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