Motherboard hardware

10.19.13 Update: Pictures

Factor form : 33.20×42.1 cm

-2 CPUs for AMD socket F
for Opteron 2419 ( tested )
-16 slot dimm DDR2 ECC reg
Dual channel
PC2-5300 – 32 GB
PC2-4300 – 32 GB
PC2-3200 – 64 GB
-2 nVidia MCP55 Pro Chipset
-6 PCIe x8
-2 PCIe x4
( One PCIe is dedicaded for Hypertransport… )
-6 sata 3Gb/s
-1 ata
-2 USB
-2 RJ45 Gigabit
-1 serial
-8 Fans
-ATI ES1000 Graphics
-Power connector 24 + 8 +8 pins
Not detected :

-1 socket F for aqua chip
-2 dimm DDR2
-2 infiniband ports ( not sure infiniband, just link to Hypertransport motherboards )



Booting logo:


Is AMI BIOS, with one sector for AQUA chip ( on / off , frequency )


And finaly ESXi 5.5 work with no errors.
Passthroug not working



I guess case is 4U SuperChassis 418E16-R1K62B or 4U SuperChassis 418E16-R1K62B2 24 or 48 x 2.5″ Hot-swap SAS/SATA Drive Bays.

I build boxes right now.

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7 Responses to Motherboard hardware

  1. maher says:

    hi, I wonder If I can use other than Opteron 2419 on the motherboard,
    I plan to use Opteron 8431 on it, but I can not find the CPU support list for this specific motherboard.
    thank you

    • rochegregory says:

      I have open the bios… only CPU id, no CPU name

    • Nyak says:

      I found a system with this board and two 8439’s in it. I couldn’t get it to start up, but maybe those processors would work on it.

      • rochegregory says:

        Good information, thank you.

        I ordered 6 x 2419EE on ebay for €33 + shipping

        TPC to reduce

      • chainey says:

        If anyone is need of 2419EE’s or compatible RAM (DDR2 667MHz ECC Registered 2GB), I have many extras I no longer need… just ping me.

        Also, if any of you are building clusters, an effective technique to avoid racking/casing is to use hex standoffs between multiple motherboards. Hex standoffs are available on Amazon, Mouser, Digi-Key, etc.


  2. chainey says:

    Good stuff. I like the passive heatsinks. Where did you find them?

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