Motherboard story

H8DME-EX-LS006 is OEM motherboard build by supermicro for 3leafsystem…  ( Repurchased by Huawei, see booting logo ) without manuel, i sent mail at supermicro and reply this

“motherboard is OEM.”

… no help

This mobo is best price for 2 sockets and PCIe ports.

The third socket is for chip TL1550LGA 3leafsystem , used for linked and virtualised, CPUs and RAM, by infiniband links. Sytem named AQUA.
This socket having 2 slots for ram.

The socket is connected directly on Hypertransport,AMD project named Torrenza open socket for connect and programming chip.


I insert CPU in this socket, no effect


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11 Responses to Motherboard story

  1. Janis Smits says:

    Hey just wanted to ask how this did worked out for you.?

    I almost bought it, but i found on this blog

    Anyways, what cpu did you get, did you run any benchmarks? like wprime or cinebech?

    Maybe you were able to use all 3 sockets?

    Ok, really really waiting for your replay

  2. Tim P says:

    will it work without the 3leaf chip

  3. Derek says:

    have you got the Infiniband working?

  4. rob says:

    Hello Greg

    what case did you use , I am having issues finding one

  5. rob says:

    so what case did you use? did you buy one?

  6. Nyak says:

    Hi! I found one of these boards in a custom Huawei enclosure, with two Opteron 8439 SE hex-core processors as well as a Huawei processor in the third slot. Any idea where it came from or what it’s worth? Thanks!

    • rochegregory says:

      Huawei processor in the third slot requires a plugin that works on esx 2 ( not esxi )… lol

      I want well bought 3 Huawei processor in the third slot only for trying. The card works without Huawei processor in the third slot.

      Do you have any pictures or locker reference 19”?

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